This amazing tour takes you to the stunning Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve where you will take a bout ride to cross the different ecosystems of the mangrove forest and wetlands of Sian Ka 'an.

During the boat ride you will be able to see different coastal bird species and wild life while an experienced biologist or naturalist guides you along this wonderful adventure.

sian kaan biosphere reserve, quintana roo


The abundant fauna of Sian Ka’an includes different kinds of sea turtle, such as the hawksbill, the green, the leatherback and the boba. There are two species of crocodile, at least five of iguana, deer, and two classes of ophidians, birds such as the pheasant, herons, pelicans and flamingos.

Submerge in the crystalline waters of a fresh water channel used by the Maya more than 1000 years ago. Go with the flow as you relax and go through mangroves and Savannah.

Once you finish this aquatic adventure go hiking through the jungle and let our experienced guide explain you about the most characteristic wild life and plant of the area. And discover the ancient Maya site of Muyil with a 17mts high pyramid.

Enjoy a delicious lunch in Tulum before you continue to a spectacular underground river where you will be able to snorkel and swim waters considered as sacred by the Mayan people.

bird watching sian kaan


- Boat tour in Sian Ka’an
- Professional guides (biologist or naturalists)
- Comfortable transportation (air conditioned vans).
- Visit of the Xlapak temple in the wetlands.
- Jungle hiking and snack in Muyil.
- Archaeological site of Muyil.
- Snorkel in a sink hole (cenote).
- Lunch

muyil ruins in sian kaan


Bring a swim suit, comfortable clothes, cap, biodegradable sunscreen, shades, towel and camera.

Sian kaan tour and snorkel in sink hole

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